Specialized Service for
Medical & Semiconductor

Crafting a future that shines
like the stars and blooms like flowers
Stellaria Co., Ltd


Stellaria Co., Ltd. provides advanced medical services from Japan to overseas customers, primarily in the Greater China region. We offer semiconductor-related services to corporations and support overseas clients who wish to expand their business into Japan.

Medical services in Japan

(Treatment for Pacients)
Cancer & Chronic Pain etc

Regenerative medicine

(Maintenance for Healthy Person)
Stem & NK Cells etc

Customized medical services

Precision Physical Examination
Cooperating Organizations etc

Consulting services for international cooperation in semiconductor industry
Sales of semiconductor materials and peripheral products
Other Consulting Services
Investment and management in Japan

About Stellaria

“Stellaria” is the plural form of the Latin word “Stella,” meaning “a cluster of stars.” It is also the name of a star-shaped flower in the Caryophyllaceae family.
Creating a radiant, starry sky and a beautiful, blossoming future—Stellaria Co., Ltd.